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Small Voltage Regulator, Big Performance


MELCO Manufacturing makes Mighty Mites—the smallest, most efficient, most reliable, and most technically advanced AC voltage regulators on the market. In fact, the Mighty Mite Voltage Regulator is the best new generator voltage regulator in years!


Mighty Mites are completely self-contained. They are now available in three output power levels: 4 amps, 25 amps, and 50 amps. A 100 amp unit is on the drawing board. Full wave output—not half wave output—is what sets the Mighty Mites apart from other regulators. Full wave output results in higher efficiency and better reliability.



Voltage Regulators Built to Deliver


With their broad range of input and output interfaces, the Mighty Mites can be used with all AC generators, new and retro fit, within their power range. All Mighty Mites have adjustments for voltage level and load response stability, as well as two quick-connect terminals for the addition of an externally mounted voltage adjustment control. Mighty Mites are enclosed in protective metal cases, which, together with specially designed internal circuitry, effectively suppresses input and output RFI and EMI. Encapsulation of electronic parts is used internally to resist failures due to vibration and other adverse conditions. Mighty Mites mount easily to any flat metal surface. Designed to dissipate heat, Mighty Mites do not require external heat sinks. The innovative, rugged, and reliable design of the Mighty Mites means worry-free performance and excellent reliability for your AC generating system, and best of all, very good relations with your customer.



It Pays to Buy the Best Voltage Regulator


The Mighty Mites do not claim to be the cheapest AC voltage regulators on the market—just the best! Mighty Mites are the smartest way we know to augment expensive generator systems. A Mighty Mite will contribute significantly to the performance of an expensive AC generating system, the kind of performance that results in excellent customer relations for the installing company.




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